5 things you should know if considering a career in finance

Ryan Thompson April 13, 2020 0

The finance sector is a challenging and sometimes competitive
field and could be just the right choice for someone looking for a professional
that is in demand over a range of industries. Many CEOs, managing directors,
and other corporate leaders started in finance, so it’s also proven to be an
excellent springboard to career progression. Here are 5 things you should know
if considering a career in finance.


You might be surprised at just how many different career
choices there are within this sector. Accountants, actuaries, stockbrokers, and
a host of other professions are just a few of the careers you can pursue. Your
main issue may be narrowing things down and figuring out which field interests
you the most. Knowing this will help you develop targeted skill sets and may
also require specialised training or qualifications, so it’s worth taking the
time to consider your options. The sooner you know, the easier it will be to
formulate a strategy and get your career on the right track.


If you are looking to secure a senior financial role, then
you will require a finance or equivalent degree. It’s a good idea to research
the universities that offer the courses you are interested in and then narrow
it down from there. Many universities rank higher than others, so spend some
time finding out which one is best suited for your location and the course you
intend to do. If you are unsure where your choices fare in comparison to
others, check out the list
of universities in the UK
which will give details of where they rank.


Finance is one of the top subjects for increased earning
potential, so if money is your motivator and you want to become a top
, it’s a good career choice. Your earnings will be dictated based on
experience and position, but there is money to be made, and companies will pay
a premium for someone who is at the top of their game. Many companies also
offer large bonuses which can, in some cases, more than double one’s earnings.


If a 9-5 job is what you are looking for, then a career in
finance might not be the best idea. Again, it depends on your company and your
position, but most senior finance positions require you to work very long,
unsociable hours. Many finance positions are also commission-based, and so the
hours you put in, and your performance can very much dictate your earning

Interpersonal skills

As with most professions, good
interpersonal skills
will do wonders for your finance career. Being able to
effectively communicate with your colleagues, superiors, and clients makes a
huge difference in how you are perceived.

Confident networking abilities can increase your chances of
securing alternative, more superior positions and will go a long way into
helping you reach your career goals. Many people have the perception that those
in finance are introverted number crunchers which, in most cases, couldn’t be
further from the truth.

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