Cabinet Minister, Tory MPs, and Senior Media Figures in group opposing sex education and self esteem

Milton June 15, 2013 2

ACAT Among The Pigeons…


Milton’s little birds have heard an interesting tail… er, tale, of ACAT who certainly didn’t get the cream. The Association of Conservative Academics and Teachers, a group set up a month ago by former Chairman of Conservative Future post-grad Dan Valentine, along with Daniel Peregrine, have rubbed fellow Tories up the wrong way, with senior CF members slamming the organisation.

The Chairman of Conservative Future, Oliver Cooper, distanced the party from the group, saying: ‘The group is not, by its own admission, connected in any way to the Conservative Party. We as Conservatives are an ideologically broad church, and any organisation that co-opts our party’s name should respect and embrace every part of that broad church.’ Despite this assurance a number of senior figures are listed amongst its members including Liam Fox MP, Jeremy Hunt MP, Tim Montgomerie, Andrew Neil, Dominic Raab MP, Stuart Andrew MP, Nick De Bois MP, Guy Opperman MP, Charlotte Leslie, Nirj Deva MEP, David Burrowes MP, Graham Stuart MP, Kit Malthouse, Damian Green MP, Marina Yannakoudakis MEP, Matthew Eliot, Charles Tannock MP, Charles Heslop, Mary Macleod MP, Andrew Stephenson MP, Peter Liley MP, David Mundell MP, Andrew Selous MP and Karen Bradley MP. People may be added to Facebook groups without their approval but are notified when they are.

The group holds a ‘provocative’ set of beliefs.

ACAT Description

ACAT lists the things its members, including senior Tory figures, oppose

The group description (now changed) claimed the organisation’s mission is to ‘improve the quality of education in the UK’ With ‘members found in all parties, and all trade unions.’ The organisation claimed that ‘The kind of things that upset our members include: “social justice”…”diversity”  “multiculturalism”… “democratic education”,… “self esteem”… “sex education”,… “political correctness”… “excesses of progressive education” and “cultural Marxism”.’

Milton understands that the group, which is allegedly not aligned with the Tory party despite having capital C Conservative in its name, came under fire last night from a significant number of unhappy Tory activists. Jon Boulton of CF London attacked the organisation, telling Milton: ‘I find it bizarre that such a group has been established. Opposition to sex education is a policy that belongs in the dark ages, not the 21st Century. Quite what the purpose of this group was going to fulfill is beyond me.’ While leading CF post-grad Louisa Townson asked: ‘How does disliking multiculturalism promote excellence? How is teaching kids to use condoms when they become sexually active social engineering?’

This is not the first time the group’s founder Daniel Valentine has been involved with controversy. The London Student newspaper has accused Mr Valentine of making a series of racist comments.

Milton wonders why so many senior Tory figures would get involved with such a controversial group, especially considering the founders allegedly chequered past…


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  • Kyle Harrison

    Surely CF should respect the broad church of conservatism, and ACAT is a part of that.

    CF, in my dealings, is quite liberal compared to many other Conservatives in the country. It’s often pretty much a libertarian group rather than a conservative grouping . It’s pretty acceptable to me, that some conservatives should be opposed to modern sexual education. Even if other conservatives except it, like CF.

  • Sam

    this group is clearly a jolly funny spoof, and Miss Townson is acting like a humourless drone. UCL tories will have an interesting year with her in charge. The Hon Will Hall could do better. And wasnt Boulton the most useless chairman of LUCC on record? The pair truly belong in the “nasty party” past, if they are circulating silly stories like this. Get a grip and stop bitchin’.