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One Conference And A Funeral

Michael St George April 19, 2013 0

On the face of it, there might not appear to be any kind of consequential relationship between two apparently unconnected events held on successive days this week – the funeral of former Prime Minister

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Who Are Thatcher’s Children?

Michael St George April 12, 2013 1

As in personal life, so in political life: legacies are tricky things. If failure is an orphan bastard, then success always has a multitude of claimants to be both antecedents and descendants, and never

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That Hideous (EU) Strength

Michael St George March 29, 2013 1

One of the more intriguing – or maybe even enlightening – aspects of middle adulthood is re-reading some of the books you read in your youth and finding, in the contemporary sweep of events,

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Osborne – Losing The Numbers Game

Michael St George March 22, 2013 0

As in the aftermath of practically all Budgets, the main focus of media comment in the wake of Osborne’s presentation in the House of Commons on Wednesday was on the headline-grabbing micro-economic  measures –

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What The Chancellor Ought To Include This Lunchtime

Michael St George March 20, 2013 1

Extracts from the Budget Speech which Osborne ought to give today – but, sadly, won’t I am conscious, Mr Speaker, as I rise to present this Budget, that the economic world in which we

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Quantitative Easing – Not The Easy Solution

Michael St George March 15, 2013 1

Printing money conjured up images of wheelbarrows full of paper cash, so what is QE, and does it work? It was presented almost as a panacea: a mechanism by which a potentially painful fiscal

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Osborne’s EU Ignominy – Misconceived; Misguided; Misplaced: Mistake.

Michael St George March 8, 2013 0

Osborne’s abject capitulation to the EU imposition of a cap on the bonus element of bank employee remuneration was a failure on so many levels. Even for a government as strategically vacant and tactically

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Eastleigh – Ignore The Boris Balderdash

Michael St George February 27, 2013 0

Eastleigh voters who want the kind of conservatism espoused by Maria Hutchings should vote UKIP, not Cameroon Tory Boris Johnson is primarily an entertaining politician, rather than a serious one. A political gadfly within

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Rhagoriaeth i bawb – or possibly not

Michael St George February 22, 2013 1

Wales is doing its schoolchildren a disservice by insisting on educating them in Welsh. On 7th February, Leanne Wood, the unashamedly leftist leader of the Welsh Nationalist Plaid Cymru party, appeared on BBC2’s Daily

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Wrong Diagnosis & Prescription: Osborne is wrong on banking separation

Wrong Diagnosis & Prescription: Osborne is wrong on banking separation

Michael St George February 5, 2013 0

Osborne’s Banking Reforms Would Not Prevent Another Crash It must be politically very appealing for the Chancellor and his colleagues to try and perpetuate for public consumption the narrative that a, if not the,

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