• Bob Foster

    Good article on the ongoing flexing of Russia’s muscles. A couple of quick points:
    The yield of the Tsar Bomba was 50 megatons, or 50 million tons of TNT. The yield you describe (21 thousand tons of dynamite) is that of Fat Man, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The Tsar Bomba created a fireball five miles across that was visible for almost a thousand miles, and broke windows almost six hundred miles away.
    QRA is performed at both RAF Leuchars and RAF Coningsby with the Typhoon. You are right that there are five Typhoon squadrons, however this is the total number and not the number based in Scotland. Of those five, four are frontline operational squadrons and one is a training squadron for converting pilots onto the aircraft. Two of these (1 squadron and 6 squadron) are at Leuchars and two (3 squadron and 11 squadron) are at Coningsby. The Leuchars-based squadrons will be moving to RAF Lossiemouth this year prior to the closure of RAF Leuchars, and will subsequently be joined by 2 squadron when they get Typhoon early in 2015.