Bristol NUS Delegate Candidate Promises to Spend Entire Budget on Alcohol

Milton November 7, 2013 12

Student elections are usually dull affairs, with tedious manifestos, unworkable promises and overwhelming voter apathy, so arguably little different from the real things. However, one candidate in Bristol is vying to break the mould by advocating withdrawing the University from the National Union of Students and spend the saved money on ‘shed-loads of beer. And gin. Gin is always good.’

Libertarian Activist Jennifer Salisbury-Jones’ manifesto is refreshingly short, with her alcohol buying suggestion being her main, and only, campaign promise. In any election it is rare to see candidates engage with issues that form the very core of their voters’ beliefs so The Backbencher gives it full support to Miss Salisbury-Jones’ admirable and worthy campaign.

Vote for Miss Salisbury-Jones here.

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