• julie


  • Corina

    We don’t care about your stupid benefits, that is not what we a looking for! And we don’t mint paying you taxes, we’re happy just to have somewhere to work, for us, winning on a week what we use to win on a month in Romania is enough! And most of my co-nationals are going back to Romania to spend the rest of their life’s!

  • Corina

    And if you’re scared about the gypsies! Make a law, near enough like the communists did, if you find them on streets, begging or singing or selling flowers or whatever else they do, ask them if they have permit to work or do the thinks they do and if they don’t, send them back home. We can stand them anyway!!!!!

  • Ildiko Gerculy

    You people are so wrong! You are not even able to do the difference between Romanians and gypsies, and you are posting all this craps about Romanians and using pictures with gypsies! I have only one word for what British government is doing and planning to do with us, and that is called DISCRIMINATION!!!
    Isn’t here a law for that???
    Signed by:
    A PROUD ROMANIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S: I said Romanian, NOT gypsy, please learn to make the difference

  • Sandor

    Why can’t you come up with a law and just send the people who beg or sing home and never to allow them back…The gypsies are a week nation once you put them to actual fear.

    Why is it that romanians, bulgarians and a lot of nationalities have to suffer because these so called ROMA posses some passports.

    Kick them out and let the hard working people alone.

    AND do not give any benefits to anybody until they have actually worked for 5-6 years and payed taxes.

  • Daniel Duma

    oh yeah ! discrimination is everywhere !! let everybody work and travel anywhere .. so they pay taxes where they do that !! more money for those countries .

  • dede

    Romas that wanted to come in the UK, already did, already beg,already steal, already ask for your benefits..The real Romanians never wanted your benefits, never asked for them and never will. Use those money to culturise your children, use those money to teach your people about hard-work and starve. We want the right to work legally in the UK and that includes paying taxes as well. Don’t think Romanians ever threw English people out of our country, so would you?

  • croco

    Benefits? We don’t care about benefits…. I don’t know any romanian who’s living on benefits but on the other side, I know shitloads of lazy ass brits who live only on benefits….
    English government is just a racist prick, turning everyone else against us, Romanians…. damn frauds… throwing us in the same bucket with the Roma…
    Roma = Gypsies ( every country has them, they’re nomads – even you, here in England have them…. )
    Romanians = We’re the ones busting our asses every week working .. so that Britains government has the money to pay all the benefits that these lazy brits are asking for them…..
    Learn the diiference between Romas and Romanians….
    To all you fat ass politicians not knowing the difference…. sincerely, you’re pathetic