Coming 1st June

Tristan Kitchin May 22, 2013 1
Coming 1st June


The Backbencher has grown rapidly from simple beginnings. In the short nine months the website has been active we have seen our readership expand greatly as our writers expressed our often differing (and sometimes controversial) views. The Backbencher has evolved from a simple libertarian leaning blog into an online political magazine, and we want to further this development by taking the website to new heights, via exposing our readers to new areas.

With this in mind, I am proud to announce the introduction of our newest section, the Tech page. The page will be launched on the 1st June and we intend to cover what is going on in the currently very exciting and ever evolving technology market. We will report on emerging trends in the marketplace, reviews and features on the latest and future products, as well as providing analysis of the companies behind this technology and emerging startups.

We hope to apply our unique brand to our new Tech section by covering smaller – bespoke – firms who have much to offer, but are often pushed to the backbenches of the Tech scene. As such, our readers can expect to see something a little different on this website. It is an exciting time for The Backbencher, we hope to see you on here in the future.


Tristan Kitchin

Tech Editor

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