• Robert Neve

    Oh people always agree when you tell them they will have more freedom and power. Until they actually get it. Because what they really will end up with is just more tax money spent on yet another layer of politians serving their own agenda to rise up the party ladder. I mean just look what happened when everyone was given NHS trusts for “local choice”. You ended up with postcode lotteries, money being wasted on marketing and layers upon layers of managers. And how much control would they really be able to have and over what? I see why political people like it. More jobs for them and easier to pass the buck/responsibility as they will over lap more. Can’t see the gain for normal folk.

    • YDM

      Then why is it that Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and London, all those parts of the UK that have devolved power, are the ONLY parts of the UK to have enjoyed an increase in disposable household income since the 1997 census?

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