Ding Dong The Left Is Dead

Andrew Thorpe-Apps April 13, 2013 20
Ding Dong The Left Is Dead

Andrew Thorpe-Apps says, even in death, Lady Thatcher is humiliating the Left. 

‘Ditch the bitch’ was a common Labour slogan throughout Lady Thatcher’s years in office. Then, as now, it is clear that the Left’s hatred of Margaret Thatcher is tinged with sexism. The culture of confrontation within trade unions, coupled with the patriarchal nature of British socialism, led to women being considered as ‘less equal’ than men. The Left took great offence at being confronted by a female Prime Minister who had the audacity to speak her mind and tell them: ‘No, No, No!’

Yet Lady Thatcher defeated the unions and brought in sweeping economic changes. Had these reforms been implemented by a man, the Left would not have held such a personal vendetta. It speaks volumes about the irrelevance of the modern Left that they should so vehemently celebrate the death of an 87-year-old woman.

In his usual eloquent way, trade union boss Bob Crow said Lady Thatcher could ‘rot in hell’. Naturally, Bob Crow is a devout socialist – he earns £140,000 a year and was spotted quaffing champagne at a £650 Mayfair lunch while plotting tube strikes last year.


Mrs Thatcher’s death prompted sections of the Left to hold ‘death parties’, involving drunken crowds with offensive chants and banners. Inevitably, participants viewed this as an opportunity for violence. Most were either young children, or not yet born, when Lady Thatcher was in power.

Facebook and twitter were used to encourage downloads of ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’ in an attempt to propel it to the top of the singles chart. Ironically, this means that the Left are seeking to tarnish Thatcher’s reputation by buying a product (the rights to which are owned by Thatcher-supporting Rupert Murdoch) from a multinational company. This is, at best, poorly thought out, and it means that Thatcher has won again. ‘Ding Dong’ will not last in the charts for long, but Thatcher’s legacy will endure.

It is easy to view this song ‘competition’ as being politically driven. However, this is not about Right v Left; it is about decency v cruel lunacy.

Furthermore, the Left’s orchestrated attempt to promote this Ding Dong nonsense has provoked an interesting response from young Conservatives, who have established the Facebook group ‘I’m in Love with Margaret Thatcher for #1’. This group, which has already succeeded in getting the pro-Thatcher tune into the top 10 chart, is set to surpass the membership of its controversial rival. Therefore, far from destroying Thatcher’s reputation, the Left have inadvertently brought Thatcherism to the attention of a new generation of Right-leaning individuals, many of whom only had a vague idea of what Margaret Thatcher stood for. It means that Thatcher’s legacy is assured and likely to have greater political influence.

The joyful squeals and ruckus that have greeted Lady Thatcher’s death are nothing more than the final gasps of the hapless Left. The Left has nothing to offer modern British politics other than protest. It has only been able to define itself in opposition to Thatcherism and, more recently, in opposing spending cuts and welfare reform. Lady Thatcher’s great achievement was in forcing the Labour Party onto the centre ground. This was shown by the fact that New Labour reversed very few of her policies.

Glenda Jackson

Conservative MPs packed their side of the Commons last Wednesday when a special debate was held to honour Lady Thatcher. But opposition benches remained largely empty, with around 150 Left-wingers absent. Although most of the session saw respectful tributes, firebrand Glenda Jackson MP was determined to rehash the political arguments of the 1980s. It is a shame that Mrs Jackson did not stick to acting. She was slightly less hopeless at that.

Respect MP George Galloway, who added to the Left’s intellectual discourse by tweeting ‘Tramp the dirt down’, also refused to attend the Parliamentary tributes. It should be noted, however, that Mr Galloway rarely turns up to debates at the best of times.

Rather than be upset by the ‘death parties’ and insults, Lady Thatcher would have considered them as a tribute. According to Conor Burns MP, when Lady Thatcher discovered that stalls at the Trades Union Congress were selling ‘party packs’ for delegates who despised her to use when she died, she was ‘delighted’. She said that the fact that they still felt so strongly about her was a tribute to the fact that she had achieved things, rather than just been a politician.

The Left’s continued hatred towards Lady Thatcher is actually the greatest tribute they could pay. They hate her not just because she defeated them, but because she completely changed the political landscape. The sexist insults, death parties and promotion of offensive songs only serve to remind us how insignificant the Left now are in British politics.

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