• James Snell

    I really like(d) Tony Benn. He did not possess and unnuanced opinion, or an unsubstantiated view. He was a titan of the post-war Labour Party, and a strident supporter of democracy – be it in the corridors of power in Europe or Britain’s own trade unions.

    A truly great man.

  • Bill Benson

    1) Why “narcissistic” because he recorded and kept a diary? A little disingenuous.
    2) “anti-Americanism” ? He was married to an American. You mean anti-US Gov, like many of us.

  • Fred the trout

    Minor typo.

    Thatcher’s work for here, these….
    here -> her ?

  • Steve Robinson

    disingenuous to say the least, Benn’s diaries were a insight into the workings of cabinet and far more relevant than self serving “memoirs” of recently retired politicians. Benn also warned of the growing influence of US military over our own armed forces, the slow erosion of Westminster’s governance within EU membership and without nationalisation of the North Sea oil industry, the unfettered profiteering of the energy corporations.