• Mike Buchanan

    Anja, a terrific piece. Our organisation would by definition become illegal in the EU.
    Mike Buchanan

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  • http://gescheidenvaders.multiply.com/ AdVader

    think about this, variation is deliberately equaled/confused with diversity, and in essence ‘sovereign’ is not a dirty word. also not for countries as long as unalienable natural sovereign humans rights are being fullworth respected by nations, and self-determination is only of value in the context of freedom&truth, and not in the context of gov’ts providing ‘choices’ for work&vote-cattle, asif ‘feeling’ free&liberated is not enslavement, practical it means unjailed and not contradicting (backwarding!) postmodernism, humans were truly gay before the WW’s, cultural marxism is un&anti-natural, and liberty doesn’t equal freedom either, as far as i’m concerned the only human right is normal familylife, thereby human rights are flawed regarding starting ‘at birth’ in stead of ‘at conception’ and also regarding children&fathers being biased, the rest is about sheeple’s rights, about gov’t control, and in that perception a federal europe doesn’t differ anyways from hypocritical ‘sovereign’ nations, indeed unmasking postmodernism is made criminal, the world upside down, an insane reality, plz take a look at ‘the estrella’ and ‘the lunacek’ reports in the context of UN, nowadays democracy is a perverted&corrupted LIE, and the past 60 years made as a trojan horse for the devastating sickening&maddening pseudological LIES femini$$m-samesexuality-atheism..

  • DukeLax

    breaking and dividing men on a grand scale, under any pretext at all, should be suspect.