Farage: Putin comments were ‘joke gone wrong’

Milton April 1, 2014 2
Farage: Putin comments were ‘joke gone wrong’

Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, has today attempted to row back on his statement about Vladimir Putin. Farage had told journalists that he ‘admired’ the Russian leader who he thought was ‘brilliant.’ Today after an angry backlash, Farage U-turned on that position telling a press conference that it had been an ‘attempted joke’ that had backfired.

A clearly embarrassed Farage told reporters “With the stress around the debates coupled with the clocks going forward I was a little bit off my balance and thought that yesterday was April Fool’s day. The comments were meant as a harmless joke, I am astonished anyone actually believed them.”

The Backbencher contacted the UKIP head office for a further comment and were told by a senior press officer ‘Nigel isn’t a career politician, unlike the college kids that run Britain today he has a sense of humour. This whole episode just goes to show that the mainstream media will jump on anything if it discredits UKIP.’

Reports that former UKIP Cllr David Silvester who blamed the floods as God’s Wrath for same sex marriage has attempted to claim his comments were also incorrectly timed April Fool’s jokes were dismissed by the party’s press office as ‘poppycock.’

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