• Floating Centre-Rightist

    “Screwed” is the technical term for UKIP’s position. Their implosion post-2015 is inevitable. Nigel Farage’s leadership is doomed.

    They’ll make a splash in 2014, of course they will, but the disappointment in 2015 will be too much for many Kippers to bear. The frustration of waking up on May 8th 2015, on present trends in all likelihood to a Labour(-led) government and Europhile Ed Miliband becoming Prime Minister, will send the more realistic Kippers into a depression worse than that suffered by Labour voters when the Tories won four elections running, or by anti-war voters when Blair wasn’t toppled at the 2005 election.

    Their sole realistic political hope, if they’re being honest with themselves, is that Ed Miliband offers a referendum on Europe. Yet I see no reason why he should. The LibDems are doomed, and Miliband has nothing to lose in holding his nerve on Europe and waiting for the anti-Tory vote to rally behind him to boot Cameron out.

    And so the country will be denied a referendum again, perhaps this time for good.


  • macd

    poking the ghost of Enoch Powell wasn’t too smart, that’s really stirring up the river bed… http://politoons.co.uk/2014/01/06/enoch-farages-rivers-of-flood-speech/