Free Chris Huhne

Olly Neville March 12, 2013 16
Free Chris Huhne

Has Chris Hunhne has been jailed for the wrong reasons?

Chris Huhne is a bit of a dick, and certainly no friend of freedom. However, his incarceration, along with his ex-wife’s, is unjust and unjustifiable. He should be locked up for many things but this is not one of them, as much as it pains me to say it, we need to free Chris Huhne.

Huhne’s first ‘crime’ was speeding. This is only a crime because the State dictates what speed you are allowed to go at on roads. While some may say this is fine as the state owns the roads, or at least the stretch of road Chris Huhne sped along, their ‘ownership’ is in no way legitimate. Government pays for and maintains the roads via theft: it compels people to give it money – threatening violence if they do not – and uses it to build roads. As Government does not legitimately own the roads, it therefore has no legitimacy in telling us what to do on them. Huhne’s speeding was breaking an unjustifiable law, something we should support.

When the letter popped through Huhne’s letterbox telling him he was being punished for breaking an illegitimate law he sought to evade it. Evading an illegitimate law again is justifiable and right. When Vicky Pryce assisted him in this she was helping someone evade an unjust law – something that again should be supported.

So where do we finish? Huhne justly evaded an unjust law, something everyone in the liberty movement should support. He might be a tool but that doesn’t mean we should revel in his unjust punishment. It is time to Free Chris Huhne.

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