• Storris

    What strikes me as odd is that anyone believes that there is such a thing as freedom in the UK.

    The freedom to protest or even to assemble is tempered by the fact that protests and groups of a certain number must apply for registration which may be refused.

    Speech is regularly prosecuted in civil and criminal courts under the common names of incitement, libel or defamation.

    Property, the very basis of individual freedom, is also denied in taxes, legally required licenses and the Compulsory Purchase provisions which are likely to be used extensively should HS2 get the go-ahead.

    Most people will see these as legitimate brakes on potentially dangerous issues or as safe-guards for the Common or Public Good/National Interest. But they are brakes none-the-less and they point to the fact that in Britain, where Parliament is Sovereign and its decisions are legally binding, there is no such thing as freedom. There is merely that which you are permitted by your masters.

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