How Did the Big Poker Players Make it to the Top?

Ryan Thompson June 16, 2019 0
How Did the Big Poker Players Make it to the Top?

Have you ever wondered how successful playing poker online can be? Well,
professionals have found that it can be profitable. If you get to a high level
with your poker ability and follow a strict strategy with your bank roll, there
is the potential to find success in online poker games. Let’s take a look at
the best way to go about trying to rise to the top of the online poker world.
It would also be helpful to look at some of the pros and see how they did it.

It should be noted that for first-time players, it is a bad idea to start
playing poker with the mindset that you are going to instantly rub shoulders
with the best in the business. Professional poker players make a career out of
it, and have been mastering and refining their techniques for a number of
years. This is why the final tables at tournaments like the World Series of
Poker often feature the same names. Players like Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey have
reached the latter stages on countless occasions. But they weren’t always
there, it took them a while to be regarded among the best ever.  

For newcomers, it’s best to start off small and play a number of low-stakes
games to get the hang of Texas Hold’em. It’s important to understand that
tournaments and cash games require completely different strategies. It’s easy
to find these games online, and the Paddy Power Poker site
features options with varying stakes. Once you have got to a level where you
win more games than you lose, it’s time to look to the experts and see how they
went about turning small amounts of money into considerable profit.

There are a number of famous online players who have turned small bankrolls
into giant stacks. Doug Polk is perhaps the best known player for massive
profit margins. The prolific YouTuber who constantly posts videos advising
amateur players managed to turn $100 into $10,000 from simply playing online.
Despite being regarded as one of the best online players ever, Polk admitted
that the challenge was harder than expected. He had to be well disciplined, and
he built up his stack slowly and steadily over a long period.

Some of the most famous poker players have learnt their trade online,
amassed huge bankrolls, and then used that money to invest in even bigger live
tournaments. The 2017 WSOP
winner Scott Blumstein
did this, and walked away with $8.15 million when he
won the final hand with ace deuce. The best known online player to have
transitioned to live tables is Tom “durrrr” Dwan. The New Jersey-born master of
bluffing began his online career with a bankroll of $50 and managed to turn
this into millions over the course of a few years.

If it was easy to become a professional poker player from playing poker
online, everyone would be doing it. If you want to have a go at it, you really
need to be dedicated and master all the techniques of online play. Studying how
some of the best in the business did it would also be highly beneficial.

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