How did your MP vote on Syria? Find out here

Alex MacDonald August 29, 2013 27
How did your MP vote on Syria? Find out here

1: Amendment

2: Main Vote




Question put, That the manuscript amendment be made.

The House divided: Ayes 220, Noes 332.

Division No. 69][9.59 pm


Tellers for the Ayes:



Tellers for the Noes:


Question accordingly negatived.



Main Question put.

The House divided: Ayes 272, Noes 285.

Division No. 70][10.17 pm


Tellers for the Ayes:



Tellers for the Noes:



For more information see here

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  • MrDDavies

    It would have been useful if you had also listed the actual wording of the proposition that was being voted on. The vote was not about bombing Syria.

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  • Nelly

    Glad to see that Sir Alan Meale voted against Cameron. Sir Alan is our Labour MP. Well done.

  • kbob36

    Stephen Lloyd voted in favour of
    military action and against the amendment to wait for the UN.


    • Malcolm Burt

      So did Norman Baker.

      • kbob36

        Looks like they were more concerned with feathering their own political nests than for speaking for their constituents.
        (I’d expect that from Baker though to be honest!)
        Stephen Lloyd has also proved to be more Tory than Waterson!!

  • Eddie Kozimor

    Well done Nicky Morgan for voting NO.

  • Nannette

    Shame on Matthew Offord for voting against the people… he’s the worst MP in the history of our Borough!

  • Kate Pires

    I think people are confused. The MP’s who voted “NO” were voting against waiting to go into Syria. Those who voted “YES” were voting to adopt a wait and see policy. they weren’t voting to go in. so those who voted no, were the ones who actually wanted to go in now. So I’m ashamed to say that both of our MP’s voted to go in now

    • kbob36

      No, the main question (second one on here) was whether to use military intervention in Syria YES or NO.
      The amendment (first one on here) was whether to wait for the UN. …
      so they either voted YES go in, but YES wait first…or YES go in and
      NO don’t wait…or NO don’t go in…etc

  • Mark Maguire

    Well done David Davies MP for Monmouth for voting “no” – that was a surprise!

  • Conor

    Not surprised to see Anne McIntosh didn’t disagree with Cameron, could never expect her to put people over party.

  • JOHN

    Well done David Watts on voting no against this corrupt attack on Syria god bless you!

  • charly soanes

    Well done Helen Goodman. Bishop Auckland doesnt need more soldiers funerals. Voting No was the right thing to do

  • Laurence Foenander

    Stella Creasy voted No!! Brilliant!

  • patrick starfish

    what was the question?

  • Lucy Hill

    Well done Guto Bebb!!

  • Vicki Morton

    Well done Charles Walker for voting No! Proud you are my MP 🙂

  • Alberto

    I don’t know whether my plight (and hopefully of others) both written and through a phone message contributed in pressure but she voted No – Diane Abbot – I’m pleased

  • Susan Lawn

    Mine voted No. Hurrah for David Ward.

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  • martyn

    well done Tracy crouch for voting NO brilliant

  • Looks like my Tory MP abstained – not in list. Better than voting in favour I guess.

    • Downhome