• Anna Pantanello

    gone are the days when Israel would strike Lebanon and the Lebanese just sit and watch or maximum complain in the UN…this is the age of” eye for an eye “….israel knows now that the foe is to be feared…..

    • Robert Neve

      The foe is to be feared? Oh good because that’s the same logic Israel has been working under since the whole area tried to wipe it out. I’m sure encouraging both sides to arm up more will see the conflict resolve itself.

      These guerrilla/terrorist/freedom fighter/whatever groups do not want peace. They never have and never will. Peace is their demise. We need to get rid of these groups and get back to that shining speck when Israel and Fatah were actually moving towards something. Until Hamas recognized its own death and attacked fatah.

      • Anna Pantanello

        Its true hezballah doesnt want peace with israel ,but its the biggest lie that israel wants peace with anyone ….unless by peace u mean that the countries who are now home to the palestinian refugees succumb to israels conditions plus some other conditions that i have no time to count here from the newly discovered oil to the lebanese waters etc etc …..that is the kind of peace that israel wants which it will never get….i dont think there will ever be peace in the region without the resolving of the pal refugee issue. But for now the deterance is excellent ,for the lebanese its almost as good as peace……bkz in the past they didnt even have that.