Journalist Arrested at UKIP Conference – name of journalist released

Milton September 20, 2013 1

UKIP’s youth wing, Young Independence, had its ball at the party’s yearly conference disrupted in shocking style last night, according to party insiders.

At a members only event, a man who a YI source tells us was a journalist, was asked to leave due to not being part of the party, and due to the fact Journalists were not allowed entrance. The man responded negatively to the request and UKIP members on twitter claimed he assaulted a young woman who was attending. The Metropolitan police have confirmed that they were called to the event at half 10 and arrested a man on suspicion of assault.  Two men and a woman were said to have received minor injuries.

A Picture of the alleged journalist, tweeted by a UKIP member

A Picture of the alleged journalist, tweeted by a UKIP member

Party insiders are unsure as to which publication the journalist was from, with several different names being thrown around.


UPDATE: Journalist named by the Telegraph as Timur Moon, who is a News reporter at International Business Times UK, and has previously worked for The Observer, The Times Newspaper, London, and Al Jazeera.

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