Labour Gave ATOS the DWP Assessment Contract in 2005

Milton November 27, 2013 8

A Freedom of Information Request has revealed that Labour awarded the DWP Medical Services Contract to ATOS on the 15th March 2005. In fact, Labour first advertised the healthcare assessment Notice of Contract with the Department of Work and Pensions in 2003.


DWP Freedom of Information Request

Many Labour MPs and Labour commentators have been vocal about their disdain for Work Capability Assessments, but the fact remains that WCA’s and ATOS have been a huge part of Labour’s plans for a decade – Even fighting the 2010 General Election campaign with the aim to reduce Incapacity Benefits by £1.5 Billion through “tough-but-fair” Work Capability Assessments.

Labour need not look across the aisle to find the culprits behind the horror stories they read out, ATOS is their baby, and it has been since 2005.

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  • tb303

    old old news, the tories extended their contract and allowed them to assess far more people more often, a lot of which they had no qualifications to judge

    • Paul Rainey

      ATOS are foot soldiers following orders
      They were given performance goals based on forced distribution of results

    • Margaret Robinson

      Very good at introducing dupious schemes are labour. They also introduced PFI still costing the NHS billions. Tory,s used them 80 times labour 650 times. Hence the mounting debt for the NHS and the country.

  • Sheeple_Hater

    This was already public knowledge. Yes, Labour hired Atos to help deal with fraud, because a responsible government does all that it can to ensure that the taxpayer’s money is not wasted on dishonest people and that it helps those who need it most.

    What you’ve neglected to mention, as many people seem to do when it suits their purpose, is that Labour would have acted quicker to deal with the unnecessary deaths and suffering that Atos have caused disabled and mentally ill people all over our country. They would not have let things get as bad as they have.

    Labour may have set the ball in motion, but the Tories had a choice of whether or not they wanted to run with it and they are STILL running with it now. Despite the company’s blatant depravity, the number of deaths that the Tory controlled DWP and Atos are responsible for and how much taxpayer’s money has been wasted through overturned appeals at tribunals.

    The Tories don’t get to shrug off responsibility for their actions and inactions, just because Labour started the process whilst they were in power.

  • Scott

    I’ll never believe a word Labour say again.

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