Labour Gave ATOS the DWP Assessment Contract in 2005

Milton November 27, 2013 8

A Freedom of Information Request has revealed that Labour awarded the DWP Medical Services Contract to ATOS on the 15th March 2005. In fact, Labour first advertised the healthcare assessment Notice of Contract with the Department of Work and Pensions in 2003.


DWP Freedom of Information Request

Many Labour MPs and Labour commentators have been vocal about their disdain for Work Capability Assessments, but the fact remains that WCA’s and ATOS have been a huge part of Labour’s plans for a decade – Even fighting the 2010 General Election campaign with the aim to reduce Incapacity Benefits by £1.5 Billion through “tough-but-fair” Work Capability Assessments.

Labour need not look across the aisle to find the culprits behind the horror stories they read out, ATOS is their baby, and it has been since 2005.

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