Labour: The Party that hates Britain

Milton October 6, 2013 8
Labour: The Party that hates Britain

When the Daily Mail brought out its article attacking Ralph Miliband as a man who hated Britain they probably hoped to tar Ed Miliband with the same brush, especially after he admitted that he was aiming to bring socialism back to Britain. While the debate rages on as to whether Ralph Miliband did hate Britain, or was just one of the Cold War’s bad guys, what surprised me was the need for the Daily Mail to look back to dead people who gave philosophical underpinnings for a brutal regime that brought with it gulags, starvation and purges as an attempt to label Labourites as those who hate Britain; after all their record in Government makes the argument far better.

Ed Miliband has attempted to make political capital in recent weeks of his pledge to freeze energy prices, slightly ignoring the fact that prices became high under the Labour Government of which he himself held the role of Secretary of State for Energy and Climate change. Energy prices rose as much as 133% under Labour. Miliband cynically ignored the fact that profits of energy companies make up only 3-4% of the price of energy, far less than the tax and cost of renewables targets that make up the bulk of your energy bill. While in office, Miliband and Labour pursued an ideologically driven crusade against the British people, crippling the poorest in society with enormous heating bills in what can only be seen as a shameless attack on the worst off.

Labour’s disgusting assault on the most vulnerable in society did not end at eye watering energy prices. While hypocritically arguing itself to be the Party of the NHS, Labour’s record in office speaks volumes. Labour did not only ignore over 60 complaints over the Mid Staffs hospital  which treated patients appallingly but Andy Burnham put politics before people’s very lives, covering up watchdog reports of death and neglect at one hospital so it couldn’t hinder their election chances.  Labour have treated the NHS and the people who use it with contempt and shocking disrespect. With such actions in their time in office the Labour party should never be trusted with the NHS.

Staying with vulnerable people, Labour’s approach to education was shocking. Setting aside the blatant lies over the promises not to bring in top up fees, and then doing so, Labour pumped billions of pounds into education, yet spent money to get the appearance of progress rather than progress itself. To add further hypocrisy to the mix, when Michael Gove finally started bringing in Free Schools to turn around Britain’s failing education system, Labour MPs viciously attacked them, yet were happy to compliment them locally when they were built in their own constituencies.

Labour’s mistreatment of the British people extends to their gut wrenching treatment of our armed forces and their families. Lying and misleading Parliament and the country to send our troops off to die in pointless foreign wars. While Labour may call to make insulting troops a crime, their actions were the gravest insult of all. Indeed some of the biggest figures like Alistair Campbell and John Prescott who have been gleefully using the Daily Mail’s story about Ralph Miliband to their own ends were also gleefully using dodgy dossiers to launch an invasion that left 179 British troops and over 1 million Iraqi civilians dead. Such was their zeal and desperation to go to war that they may have pushed the innocent Dr David Kelly into suicide over his views on WMDs.

In fact Labour’s contempt for the British people extends to all sections, not just the vulnerable, the poor and the armed forces. While they banned fox hunting, ignoring the hundreds of thousands who marched for it (as they   probably all voted Tory) they were more than happy to crush the lives and wallets of the very working classes they claimed to represent, unashamedly raising taxes on alcohol and cigarettes that disproportionately hit the very poorest in society. Such was Labour’s ideological mission to make people behave in the ‘right’ way that they totally ignored the very real human cost of their policies. So too their war on the young people, the biggest strike of course coming when they introduced the minimum wage, which research has shown to negatively effects the earnings and experience levels of the young.

Labour: Voted in by empty minds, voted out by empty pockets.

Labour in fact turned from a party that was claimed to be of the people and instead became one that ran for the   1%, the predators not the producers, the rich and powerful, not the small and needy. In Labour’s Britain if you   were wealthy you would pay less tax than under the current Tory Government and could buy a peerage if you   donated enough. Meanwhile the poorest found themselves having their taxes raised with the 10p rate being   slashed. Labour found it would rather suck up to its union paymasters – many of us still remember the three day   working week when millions of British people suffered thanks to Labour’s capituation to the unions – lowering   standards in education, raising the cost of train travel among others rather than stick up for the majority of Brits.  Small business was strangled by tax and regulation while big corporations could game the system and receive  massive bailouts when it all went wrong. Finally of course Labour left us with eye watering debt, ‘there’s no  money left’ in their words, meaning you and your children and their children will be working for most of your  lives  to pay off Labour’s debt.

The very same party will continue to try and get another chance to further trash Britain, sans Gordon Brown of  course, who while taking his MP’s salary prefers to earn a fortune on the speaking circuit rather than represent  his constituents, while Tony Blair, the chief architect of New Labour, earns millions advising corrupt and brutal  regimes.

There can be no doubt that Labour is a party that not only works against the interests of the vast majority of British people, especially those that are poor, vulnerable or needy, but worst of all, actively hates Britain, and is willing to ignore deaths and negligence for political gain, crush the future of young people for political point scoring and ease and send Brits to their deaths for lies. It is time this contemptuous party is treated with the very same contempt it saves for the British people.

UPDATE: It was inevitable that some of Labour’s attacks on Britain would be forgotten. I apologise for not mentioning Labour’s sickening attack on pensions, when Gordon Brown decimated pensions, setting many British families back years. Along with Labour’s rank hypocrisy over the bedroom tax which is every inch a Labour policy. I am sure there are many other things that I have missed, it is so hard to keep up with Labours many, many attacks on the British people.

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