• Thom Wiseman

    Bit of a sexist post. You have missed out the female drinking side. I have seen more female neknominate videos. Women will regularly go out to get wasted, just as much as men and will go and grope men without a second thought. Go to the European teen destinations and you will find an equally brash set of women as the men. Go to a local ritzy anywhere in the UK and you will also find the same. They don’t just do it on holiday.

    The culture is both men and women.

    • Robert Neve

      You beat me to it. While it’s easy to just dismiss this is lads women are most definitely not better. Even in this article your reference to happy slapping showed it to be a woman who got prosecuted. Perhaps the writer notices it more in her life from males but it is there from both. It is most definitely a youth problem in general and should be tackled as one.

      • Lizzie Roberts

        I agree with both of you that there are girls who also drink to an excess go on similar holidays and do stupid things. but my point of the article was to focus on the culture that “lads” are creating and their behaviour towards women and how its not appropriate and needs to be addressed.

        • Robert Neve

          I’m not sure it’s the best way to approach it though. I think part of the reason so many initiatives are failing to curb this behaviour is because they try to tackle one aspect rather than the culture at large. Rather than teach the youth about responsibility, respecting the rights of others etc. we prefer to just focus on 1 message at a time. Apart from the fact that allows the underlying issue to just manifest as something else it doesn’t even acknowledge the interplay between genders. Girls will often taut boys if they are seen as nerdy, weak, uncool etc. So they try to sleep around or put down women etc. as a means to counter those ideas. Real or just perceived as they maybe. And then you have issues where the message is lost because it becomes a gender issue which only feeds into the problem. Ie You’re a pussy whipped girl if you agree with them or a traitor to your gender.

          In short don’t try and treat 1 symptom. Try and fix the illness which is a lack of respect and responsibility amongst the youth.

  • Tom

    This sort of opinion should remain in the Socialistic overly bureaucratic realms of Orwellian fiction.

    People should be allowed to enjoy themselves free from judgement, as is their right. So long as no one else is harmed then the pursuit of happiness and enjoyment, which is the most human of pursuits, should be allowed to thrive.

    If one or two misguided people decide to take things too far and they do harm others or themselves then they should take responsibility for their own actions.
    Why should one or two people who take a light hearted and humorous craze too far by necking a pint of vodka and jumping in a river ruin things for normal people who are just up for a harmless laugh?

    It is this incessant desire by stateists, socialists and the press to control, and lecture and judge which is leading the state to get larger and reach beyond our front doors and into our private lives.

    Leave people alone, allow people to take responsibility for their own lives, and only intervene if actions adversely affect others.

    • Lizzie Roberts

      but surely the point im making here is that people are being hurt by these actions? be it the families of those boys who have died from neck and nominate or the girls in student clubs who are being unwillingly grabbed by rowdy lads. also no where in the article did i call for “state intervention” but im asking for people to have self control and common sense in stopping the spread of neknominate and reigning in lad culture as its going beyond “banter”

    • Robert Neve

      But at what point does the freedom of person A overlap the freedom of person B and who gets overall allowance? I would argue that if person A is inflicting something onto person B then the state should intervene. In the case of the necnominations I agree the state should butt out. If people want to kill themselves like that then fine. But in the cases of happy slapping or their behaviour in clubs towards others well then it’s something that needs addressing. 10 women shouldn’t have their night out ruined by 2 guys who won’t respect them and their boundaries.

      • Lizzie Roberts

        “if people want to kill themselves like that then fine” not technically considering suicide is illegal so surely something should be done to prevent it?

        • Robert Neve

          Last I checked the UK passed the Suicide act 1961 that decriminalized suicide so that pretty much makes it legal. But I mean if you want to press charges against their corpse you’re free to try. It is not the state’s job to keep idiots from doing something stupid and life threatening.

  • this is my england

    Ghastly behaviour, whether practised by young men or young women. It all smacks of terrible insecurity and very poor mental health. A society of satisfied, rounded people with authentically human personalities would produce very few idiots interested in behaving like this. A sick, inauthentic, selfish, status-obsessed, fearful and shallow society, on the other hand, is bound to produce people who need to do things like this to imagine themselves, briefly, to be the superiors of their peers. Frat house college movies featuring stunts of this kind have been a staple of American cinema for many years, reflecting a moronic college campus culture across the Atlantic. As the UK catches up with the world-leading USA in terms of creating soulless, meaningless, barbaric lifestyles, all this bollocks happening in universities and elsewhere is symptomatic of the dickheadisation of everything on these shores. I’m glad I’m too old to be involved. But I fear for my son.

  • Al Jahom

    How incredibly poe-faced, ignorant and judgemental. You’ll fit right in at The Guardian.

    • Lizzie Roberts

      haha. can’t say i’d mind working for the guardian…