• Gareth

    Superb article. It’s fascinating to see how income after tax and benefits is shaped. And furthermore, it has got to be a difficult job to defend the recipients of these benefits when Channel 4 show them to be uninterested in anything but drinking beers in the morning. No one is suggesting all people on benefits are like this, but the programme definitely doesn’t help the welfare cause.

  • ayayay

    sorry it doesn’t just stop getting bad at £60k. Because of the withdrawal of personal allowances, someone earning over £100k pays tax at a marginal rate of 60% (62% including NI). Add in the employers’ NI contribution and you’re looking at a marginal tax wedge of 66%

  • Snapper

    Go onto Google street view and type in James Turner Street Winson Green. Those SAME people are clearly on view sitting outside their houses.

  • SonofBoudica

    Very well put. The Loony Left are of course spitting with rage that anyone should dare show the reality of what Blair and Brown created.

  • @parlow72

    There has been some truly awful things written on twitter about these feckless lumps, but they are acting behaving in their own “rational self interest” as Ayn Rand would have it. It’s the morons in Westminster our anger should be aimed at.

  • http://www.angryharry.com/ Angry Harry

    The Left and the Victim Industry always try to hide the damage that they, themselves, do to people; hence the uproar from these groups.

  • Sir Trev Skint MP

    OH is now almost a national institution, the difference being he’s not taxpayer funded. Good article.

    • Teflon Holborn

      My pleasure.

      • Glue Sniffer

        Advice please… so how do ‘we’ go about ‘fixing’ this?
        (I couldn’t watch it in case my head exploded!)

        What can an average (angry) chap do to hold the system to account and direct his energy?

        The ‘elite’ treat us with contempt and voting (or not) achieves nothing!

        To catch their attention i’d like to think there could be some kind of passive disorder…

        The only idea i have is a campaign for everyone to cancel their ‘polltax’ payments until the bastards listen!

        They have no reserves and i would love to think they would blink first!

        Sadly i’m a misanthrope that barely tolerates his own family let alone having the gumption to resort to organising… so i lose! :(



  • John Davies

    Totally agree with all of that. I’m a working-class person who has very little to feel capitalist about but I hope this austerity gets worse. I hope they freeze all these benefits. I don’t get a single penny of any benefit. I don’t want them, but how it pisses me off to see people with everything they want because they get my tax handed back to them just because they breed like farm-yard sows. The socialists invented this tax credit nonsense where everyone pays the same tax but then they dole it back out to wasters and oxygen thieves. We need to start building workhouses again and discourage this mass state-funded breeding program. All manner of slags and shit-face smack-head scum crawling over every housing estate in the land. Time to drain the swamp and restock with new fish.

    • william

      John davies what a twat u will lose ur job soon then what will u do claim benefits of course. again john davies u TWAT

      • John Davies

        I feel your pain.

    • william

      john davies big liar prob gets every benefit going while working on the side plus hes prob eastern european bastard

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  • Alyson Williams

    Why not do a programme about the vulnerable people who can’t get benefits who are struggling with a terrible disease and are being pushed to suicide because of the governments reforms on benefits ..the only people who are losing out are the genuine people who have paid their taxes and dues to this country and are being penalised for being ill. Oh I forgot no one wants to hear or see the real truth!

    • Marcher Lord

      Stop it, I’m welling up

  • Marcher Lord

    “I firmly believe that the best social program is a JOB” – Ronald Reagan

  • Will

    Just to point out that this is a lazy, misinformed article. Do your research before you drop most of the country’s population into a beggar’s bowl. You have done absolutely no research into the benefits system and it’s entitlement criteria. Your figures are ridiculous and untrue, too.

    • Teflon Holborn

      Can I send you a photo of a kitten? Would that make it all better?

  • Billyboy

    If you haven’t seen it, watch the January 9th edition of This Week. The look on Diane Don’t Call Me A Hypocrite Abbott’s face when the Sun journo tells her to shove her desperate defence of benefits scroungers is priceless.

  • http://free-english-people.blogspot.com/ Paul Perrin

    Spot on.

    Is there a single employer in the land who could use these people productively? No. They know it and employers know it.

    These people will be a burden until they die – our wonderful governments have made it so.

    Nothing short of a revolution is likely to change this.