NUS Black Student Conference 2016 Votes on… Abolishing Prisons

Alex MacDonald May 28, 2016 6

In case you weren’t aware, NUS delegates take their jobs representing students extremely seriously…

So seriously in fact, that when NUSBlack16 delegates meet today in Bradford, the prison-industrial complex will find itself under their crosshair.

Because, erm, in case you also weren’t aware, the prison-industrial complex is a vitally important issue for students.

It, err, relates to student issues because… of “discrimination and the pursuit of profit”.

The prison-industrial complex weighs on student’s minds far more than the cost of text books, student accommodation and one2one tuition time – naturally.

Good for you NUSBlack16 – keep on keeping on, you’re working absolute wonders for NUSceptics.

In decisions past, NUS reps have voted to ban gay men’s representatives “because they don’t face oppression“, cross dressing, and pole fitness classes – because, you guessed it, oppression.

In other news, the Universities of Hull, Newcastle and Lincoln took the plunge and decided that the NUS no longer represented their views.

Is it any wonder why?

nus prisons

See what else NUS has banned in our NUS Watch Section – although we can’t guarantee it will be online forever, because you never know what NUS, in its infinite power, will ban next.


UPDATE: Catch up on the vote and reactions

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