• Utterances

    What a lot of Cnuts. You can’t stop this wave.

  • Alb Einstein

    Hypocrites – even the NUS is just another establishment propaganda tool now.

    • Utterances

      They are running scared as the realise they now represent ‘the forces of conservatism’. Make way for the new revolutionaries.

  • bex

    Stupid Brats. they are implying that the NUS only represents extreme left wing students. As such it should not have any privileges such as organising student events and getting funding

  • Gareth Stone

    “Rape culture check your privilege Robin Thicke, attacks on the poor racist neoliberalism bedroom tax. Our public services rape culture Blurred Lines racism toxic masculinity ; rape culture pay gap neoimperialism rape culture transphobia. Genderfluid, loves tea. Blurred Lines ‘reverse racism lol’ rape culture inequality youth unemployment – Bullingdon Club crisis of capitalism racist society. Thicke Lines, rape culture rape culture. You’re not doing it right check your privilege, racism.”
    - National Union of Students in its 2013 Christmas card to members.

  • loftytom

    ” Jack Matthews, a delegate from Oxford said: ‘Ukip are a political party
    whose youth wing comprises some of the membership of NUS, and I think
    it is wrong that the NUS is turning around and essentially opposing its
    own members.’”

    Is a political party, not are.

    There are too many thick students …………….

  • Jeff Evans

    Surprised this is even news. Voting against “racist” organisations is a long tradition of the NUS. Well, maybe a little surprised that the motion is not followed by a long tail of marxist twaddle about the evils of capitalism, global warming and the bedroom tax.

  • madasafish

    Since when has anything the NUS said on politics been considered newsworthy? When I was a student, we ignored them.

  • Sapporo

    There is no doubting the Marxist sympathies of the NUS. However, it shows all facets of the political spectrum are being mobilised to oppose UKIP and, moreover, to prevent a populist, democratic revolt against the political status-quo. The NUS is subsidised by the State, who’s controllers see politicised, naïve students as useful foot soldiers to disrupt its opponents. UKIP’s campaigning was disrupted at the last by-election; their office was vandalised, their leaflets stolen and their activists were threatened.

  • greenacre

    I attended one NUS meeting, many years ago. It disgusted me to see the goings on and I stopped being a socialist the same day. Vote UKIP!

  • Ambriorix_Le_Belge

    Of course UKIP groups on campus could just go underground. I can’t think of any more interesting a draw for politically minded students than attending secret political meetings

  • Steve Read

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the NUS officially opposed themselves.

  • Erebus Black

    There is no question about it. The NUS is a far left group like the SWP and UAF, characterised by opposition to free speech and democracy. Luckily my university isn’t affiliated to this bunch of nutters.

  • Tiresias

    Sad when Univ students cannot make a coherent case and words have no meaning anymore

  • Dave

    Ukip is actually the ONLY centrist party LibDEms,Labour and Conservative are all left wing to varing degrees BNP are right wing no-one has noticed the shift left

    • anon

      UKIP are not centrist at all, they’re further right that the Tories.

  • David Whiteknight

    Doesn’t sound like a fucking bill.

    Sounds like ‘these are my feelings’.

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