Police called over blogger’s criticism of a political party

Milton May 11, 2014 5

Michael Abberton, the man behind AxeOfReason, was recently contacted by police over his activity on social media. Abberton’s crime? An evaluation of a previously created Ukip poster, where he attempted to scrutinise the points made.

ukip poster blogger axeofreason

Abberton posted the results on Twitter, highlighting where he could find no evidence for claims and sourcing those he could with links to official party documents and websites of senior spokesmen. In truth, many of the points above are not applicable, and many of the sources depict local branch statements and comments from donors, however it is also true that no law had been broken in the process of Mr Abberton’s assessment.

So why were the police called to the blogger’s home? Who instructed them to do so? And who handed over the blogger’s personal details?

Remarkably, despite the legality of the situation, Abberton states that the police asked him to remove the poster as well as to remain silent with regards to their visit, as it may ‘appear prejudicial in light of the upcoming election’. This is very worrying indeed.


DEVELOPMENT: The Guardian has quotes on this story from Cambridgeshire Police

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