Why Political Correctness Needs Destroying

Backbencher November 1, 2013 6
Why Political Correctness Needs Destroying

When did cultural sensitivity become turning a blind eye to wickedness? Reece Warren argues we must unlock the shackles of being PC

A few days ago, there was a story in the London Evening Standard about a woman who had devoted the past few years of her life campaigning against Female Genital Mutilation, within the UK, but with very little success. Why’s that, you ask? Simply because the people within London (where she campaigns), and on 90% of occasions, argued that FGM was part of particular countries’, or religions’, or culture”’ way of living, and it’s wrong of them as UK citizens to demand an intervention, as they didn’t want to seem politically incorrect.

This made me wonder – are we really living in a world where we as human beings are too scared to stand up for what we believe in, out of fear we might offend someone else? The answer unfortunately is: yes. But what evidence do I have of this? Ignoring the rather obvious examples of things like the news, politicians, businesses, etc., I’d like to go back to my original example.

The lady campaigning against FGM decided to run an experiment – what would the results be if she campaigned in favour of FGM on the streets of London?  After a short period of time she’d gathered over 30 signatures. The most common reason for people signing was that they believed those countries / religions / cultures should live their life the way they like, and that we shouldn’t dictate to them what’s right and what’s wrong. This lady was completely devastated, and rightly so.

There are thousands of people like this lady out on our streets, campaigning for causes like this, who get cast aside for being deemed ‘imperialistic’ and even ‘culturally ignorant’. To the people that throw these supposed insults at people who campaign against evil causes such as FGM, I say: I have complete sympathy with the misery that is your life.

605px-No-FGM.svgPolitical correctness is another way of saying ‘I want everyone to like me and not be offended by me’ (much like political parties, eh?). Well – wake up to the real world, people, there will always be one person whom you offend, no matter what it is you say and/or how you say it. Why waste your life living in fear of anything, let alone offending someone? The poisonous effects of this mindset were examined brilliantly in this very magazine, with our enfeebled response to Asian grooming gangs.

The other day I had an individual from the political correctness police attempt to attack me over social media for uttering the sentence “I’m off now to spend some time with my girlfriend”. Why? Because, apparently, I shouldn’t use the term “my girlfriend” as it implies a dominance over women. Do we really live in a world where vermin like this particular person are to destroy freedom of speech?

Another example I can use is this: a few years ago, within primary schools, a song was banned. Does anyone remember the song “Ba Ba Black Sheep”? That’s right, this song is now banned, as it’s deemed racially insensitive. How about a different example? Remember in school when you used to “brainstorm” ideas? That’s now officially banned, as it’s deemed offensive to people with mental disabilities.

I believe in freedom of speech, and political correctness is its antithesis – its enemy, so to speak. I was once warned by a Party Chairman to close down my Facebook and Twitter as, if a journalist went through it, I’d be destroyed. Guess what? I didn’t close down either social media outlets, because my principles matter to me. If I want to say (hypothetically) that people who watch “The Only Way Is Essex” must have some sort of mental retardation, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll say it. Why? Because freedom of speech is essential to any thriving society.

I was criticised again the other day for comparing Allah (the prophet of Islam, if you didn’t know) to a paedophile. People went absolutely nuts! Why did I say it? Because in the Qu’ran (as a rather extreme Islamic individual pointed out to me) it allows women as young as 9 to get married, so long as they’ve gone through puberty. This means that a 40 year old man can marry up to 4 women from the age of 9 and above – this for me is paedophilia.

I showed this individual article after article giving examples of men killing women through ‘internal injuries’, but I just continued receiving a wave of abuse from the PC police. Why? ‘Because it’s their culture/religion and we should respect that’. I say that we sure as hell should not respect intolerably harmful actions if their justification is “It’s my religion/culture”.

Using the example from earlier, why is FGM acceptable because of that justification? It simply isn’t. I’m not saying that we should make every other country live our way of life. I’m saying that our politicians and our citizens should not and must not be scared about standing up for their principles even if they run counter to political correctness.

There has to come a time where ‘culture’ or ‘my religion’ can no longer justify the unjustifiable – whether it be having sex with 9 year olds or mutilating female genitalia, but when will people draw the line? I fear that if things continue to carry on, nobody will stand up to political correctness and eventually it’ll swarm over our beliefs like an army of piranhas. There has to be a time where people will stand up and say what is right, rather than just saying the right thing. The difference between these cannot be emphasised enough.

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