• John

    6 people in two weeks. 118 cyclists died in 2012.
    With a total population of 70,000,000 and approximately 5,000,000 people who regularly commuting on bikes, realistically those figures are frankly pretty damn good!

    No one is making anyone cycle, it’s the cyclist’s choice to cycle, suck it up.

    • Lizzie Roberts

      no but the govt. want us to be healthier and a cleaner nation so surely cycling should be encouraged and made to feel safe on the roads?

      • John

        “the govt. want us to be healthier and a cleaner nation”

        Well why didn’t you say so! If the benevolent, all-loving Government wants it for us the by golly we should be doing it!! :D Why are we even still her talking about it?!

        In all seriousness, let us not forget that knee jerk reactions never lead anywhere good. This tabloid-esque playing of emotions over figures that really are not that bad! Yes it is 6 or 118 more than anyone would have liked but all things considered…

        And is this not a libertarian leading website? Since when do we off load responsibility to the government? “Oh the government should be doing this/that/everything!” Is exactly what leads to less freedom and more bureaucracy.

  • Yellow Jester

    If a cyclist is injured riding the wrong way down a one-way street, jumping a red light, or creeping up the inside of a lorry or bus in the driver’s blind spot, then my sympathy is all with the hapless driver. Living in London in the past, I have seen some truly appalling behaviour by cyclists.

    This is not to say that I haven’t seen some pretty appalling behaviour by motorists at one time or another, but by and large they are more heavily regulated and have their insurance no-claims bonus to consider!

    I do cycle myself, but never in city centres, at rush-hour, or on busy roads. I have even been known to get off my bike at a bad junction and cross the road as a pedestrian, pushing the bike, for my own safety.

    Boris is right – cyclists do have to take more responsibility for themselves instead of claiming the moral high-ground and expecting everyone else to get out of their way.