• a person from dff

    but you are a sexist though so lol

    • Embarrassed feminist

      CASE IN POINT. Please find that switch in your brain labelled ‘inane need to respond to any challenge with a sarcastic, aggressive remark’ and switch it to ‘off’. Please.

  • positive action please!

    This is bad journalism. You joined a facebook group, made comments that are sure to get an angry response and then write an article stating that feminism is doomed to failure as all feminist are too aggressive.

    Have to point out that around half of my feminist friends are men. why? because i work on the edges of a sector that is heavily male dominated (computer science) and many of the men who I work with see this as a problem and seek to change the balance.

    how do they go about this? by trying to create more opportunities for women to engage in their circles and by calling out men who act in a sexist way and suggesting that they change their behaviour.

    how do they NOT go about this? they do not criticise the women around them for being angry at the structural oppression that has left them as a minority group in CS.

    I agree that the only way that feminism can succeed is by getting men onside, but this requires men to change not women, and heavily criticising feminists for their anger at oppression does not help anyone.

    • Marchear

      “[...] but this requires men to change not women, and heavily criticizing feminists for their anger at oppression does not help anyone.”

      Sorry, I will have to disagree with the way that is worded. It is my firm belief that the only, one and only person you can hold accountable for how a situation rolls out is yourself. That means that if you’re unhappy about a situation, you should look into what YOU can do to change things, not what others can do. Both women and men will have to change if we want things to move forward.

      Mind you, this does not mean that women should be blaming themselves, does not mean that anyone should be blaming themselves for what their current situation. The ideology I bring forth is NOT about victim blaming, saying that people have brought their own misery upon them. But I am saying each person is their own saviour, that you can’t help anyone, you can’t do something for someone else. Each person has to make their own path, you can never sit around and expect others to do the changing for you. If you change yourself, people will change in reaction to you.

      Refusing to acknowledge others’ humanity because they are considered oppressors, refusing to see that many of these men, many of these people are simply consequences of their environment and victims of their fate until they’ve been empowered to recognize their potential for change, is a lack of goodwill. Saying that you shouldn’t respect and recognize others because they won’t recognize you, that you won’t change because they don’t want to change first, is that not something we consider childish?

      I believe everyone should be more accepting of themselves, of their flaws, of the missteps they have taken in life, that they should stop considering every mistake and missed attempt as a failure but rather as a necessarily step on the path to something greater. And once you realize your own fallibility, your own weakness and fragility, once you realize how hard it is to even change yourself in the things that are most important to you, how can you stay so critical of others? Maybe we are all just lost, and we are much more likely to turn to a figure that inspires us rather than a voice that shouts us down because we learned a different lesson from life.

      Sorry if I seem patronizing in my discourse. This is just the truth I’ve discovered for myself, and I believe very much in it. I try to stick to actions rather than words most of the time, but sometimes I just see myself surrounded by this sea of people who constantly yell at each other and I just have to blurt it out. “Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle you know nothing about.” “Battle not monsters, lest you become one yourself.”

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  • male feminist.

    Whether the journalist used corrupt methods or not, I have experienced a lot of grief from feminists just for being male. I understand that there is good reason to be angry. I understand that anger is much harder to control then to release. But as a man who is a feminist I can understand why a man would be deterred from feminism when they are immediately treated differently for being a man. Isn’t that the very reason there is a feminist movement to begin with? Being treated differently because of your gender? All I am saying is take some time to get to know someone before you decide they are an enemy. You don’t have to be nice. You just have to not be a hypocrite. Even as a feminist and even stating that I am I have troubles allying with a cause so full of people that hate me for something I didn’t pick. On the other side of the coin, men in many cases could probably do well to swallow their pride. Not every anti male statement is meant as a generalization against all men. They are often times worded that way but in my experience they are rarely meant that way.