• https://twitter.com/Mr_Roshan Mr Roshan

    you’ve written a similar article before, I am sure!

    • FreedomFrom

      It’s the most important article anyone can write. It should be written again and again and again in different terms and with different perspectives until the useful idiots finally understand that everything the state has it has stolen, that you only need to be forced to pay for things you don’t want and that the state is not a charity.

      • Robert Neve

        Without bin collectors you have the feckless just throwing their rubbish into farmer’s fields or your garden. Without police you can be raped and beaten with no form of recourse unless you have huge sums of money to fund a private investigation. Who is supposed to be looking after the public parks that make the environment nicer to be in and help your mental health? And if you end up in an accident where you lose a limb or are blinded I suppose it’s ok for the community to leave you locked in your home with no support because you can’t afford it?