The 7 Biggest Things Coming to Virtual Reality This Year

Ryan Thompson April 16, 2017 0
The 7 Biggest Things Coming to Virtual Reality This Year

The 7 biggest things coming to virtual reality this year will really help the field become that much more diverse. The people who think that all virtual reality headsets are the same will have a hard time saying that in the new stage of virtual reality gaming. People will play the game craps differently with different devices. With virtual reality devices, people can truly get to go from one device to a similar one and still get a different experience.

The motion controller is one of the best new advances in virtual reality gaming. This allows people to manipulate objects in their games in a way that would have been impossible otherwise. It makes it easier to actually make the games come alive.

Samsung Gear VRs will continue to pave the way for new advances in the virtual reality world. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a lot faster and it will have a better screen. People will be able to enjoy better graphics with it. This is a device that will truly signal some of the other great new developments in virtual reality.

Microsoft virtual reality devices are arriving on the scene and people are excited about them. The Acer model is getting a lot of people talking as a result of the quality of the overall device. However, the fact that it is only going to cost people around three hundred dollars makes all the difference. This might be one of the most affordable of the new virtual reality devices on the market today, and it signals that this is a market that is opening up to more people.

Intel is coming out with its own virtual reality devices. People are talking about this because they expect that these are going to be some great virtual reality devices. However, people are also just excited by the fact that Intel is arriving on the scene at all. The fact that many new companies are becoming involved with virtual reality makes a big difference in the development of the niche.

New headsets are going to be available in higher resolution. This will make it easier for people to really get immersed in the games. The quality level for virtual reality devices today is increasing in a real way. The new headsets will offer people virtual reality that seems more real.

The increased variety of games is one of the most impressive parts of the development of virtual reality headsets by this point. People will finally be able to play a wide variety of games on their headsets. There are entire genres of virtual reality games by this point in time. There will be more games available in all of them, and the fans of virtual reality can try them all.

The new headsets should also be that much more comfortable for people to wear. Complaints about uncomfortable headsets are being addressed. They are now going to get more and more practical for people to wear for longer periods of time. All of these different trends will help normalize virtual reality even more.

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