• Ben Mcdermott

    Do you value your winnings via the quality and cost mechanism then? 9/10 and only a £20 date – ‘ace’

  • Georgia Phillips

    Doesn’t everyone do that, Ben? ;)

  • http://www.thebackbencher.co.uk Alex MacDonald
  • James




    This article is so self-explanatory…if the author really has these abhorrent views, then no wonder the only women he can get to fuck him are ones that he lavishes with gifts.

  • Gareth Shanks

    I would like to add that this is done with a large pot of sarcasm and tongue in cheekness!

    (also it’s @garethshanks)

  • Joe

    Why are these views abhorrent?

  • Ashley

    It is done with exceptional illiteracy. Safe, controlled prostitution is exactly what those in the sector have long campaigned for. ‘Sarcasm’ and ‘tongue in cheekness’ (sic) simply reveals a rather stereotypical lack of understanding. And a certain immaturity. The topic is relevant; the writing is not.

  • Gareth Shanks

    Oh and to answer you Ben, If I can get a 9/10 date for £20, I’d be jumping over the bloody moon lad.

  • Ashley
  • Alasdair

    Er, does the writer of this article know that prostitution *is* legal in England? That is, it is legal to exchange money for sex and vice versa. What is illegal is soliciting or procuring prostitution, or ‘living off immoral earnings’ (running a brothel, etc).

    It’s worth knowing the facts on something before you write about it. There’s a reasonable argument to be made that the whole business should be legalised, but this article isn’t it.

  • Beth

    I have to say, this is pretty accurate. The guys who ask for a discount because they think they’re cute are a bit annoying, though.

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