• Lord_of_Orange

    All Tory rumours to try and trip UKIP up.

    The truth is, that the former Tories I know absolutely detest the Conservative Party and won’t be going back. Not even if Farage gets on his hands and knees and begs us (which I can’t see happening anyway). If UKIP were to stand down against Tory candidates, then I have to say that i’d actually be tempted to vote Labour/Liberal Democrat just to prevent the Tories from taking the seat.

    Either way, 70% of UKIP supporters in marginals have said they will not vote Conservative under any circumstances. Here’s to UKIP standing in EVERY seat in 2015 and delievering a Canadian-style blow to the useless Tory Party.

  • Jim_Watford

    Why would UKIP help the Tories? how many more times do you people need telling? UKIP is not the lost tribe of the Tory party, most of our members have never voted Tory and never will. There’s also a burning hatred of the modern Tory party among those who are ex Tories in UKIP with a lot preferring to see a Labour victory just to put the boot in.