• Gareth Milner

    Interesting piece indeed. I wonder if the anti discrimination legislation could be considered as ensuring the market is free for the user, as to enable them to choose where to buy from too…

  • just passing

    ” It takes as given that, when left to their own devices, people cannot
    be trusted not to be douche bags…. [which is] a rather fatalistic view of humanity.”

    Unfortunately, it’s also one supported by millennia of anecdote and observation, not to mention a fair few experimental confirmations (eg Milgram). The instances of humans defaulting to douchebaggery sadly vastly outweigh the instances of humans defaulting to heroism. One can’t seriously subscribe to libertarianism on the right, or anarchism on the left, without addressing that tendency with something stronger than “it’s power structures that make people this way” wishful thinking. (Which, as an instinctive anarchist myself, makes me kind of twitchy.)

  • Yasin Aydin

    I couldn’t help laughing at this bit:

    “you can either be free or equal”

    oh yh, you can either be discriminated against and therefore free.. or equal and discriminated…

    neither of which makes sense since being discriminated against doesn’t make you free OR equal.. thus rendering the stupid ‘free or equal’ idea pretty much in the bargain basement of arguments.

    • mctruck

      Equality doesn’t exist naturally; therefore it must be legislated for. Such legislation, as the article points out, reduces the freedom of individuals.
      Even those subject to discrimination are free to respond in kind or to express their displeasure; if discrimination is not permitted, it is not permitted to them, either.