• http://www.peter-reynolds.co.uk Peter Reynolds

    The British people have been systematically misled and deceived about cannabis for nearly 100 years.

    The truth is that the impact of cannabis on mental health and all aspects of our health services is infinitesimally small. That’s not to say it is harmless but peanut allergy causes more health harms. The facts of hospital admissions and the numbers in treatment show that cannabis is a trivial cause of problems and irrelevant in public health terms.

    Not only are the harms of cannabis far less than tobacco, alcohol, all POM and OTC medicines but scientists now recognise that for most adults, in moderation, it’s actually good for you. Cannabis is a natural supplement to our endocannabinoid system and helps to protect against autoimmune condiutions such as diabetes and cancer. It is also neuroprotective and promotes neurogenesisn which is why it is useful for the treatment of brain injury, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In fact, the US government holds a patent for the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of such conditions.

    If we introduced a legally regulated system we would solve nearly all the problems around cannabis. We’d have no more illegal and dangerous cannabis farms destroying property and causing fires. Instead we’d have thousands of new jobs. We’d have no more dealers on the streets. Cannabis would be available to adults only through licensed outlets and we’d have some control over the THC and CBD content.

    CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform published independent, expert research in 2011 which shows that a tax and regulate policy on cannabis would produce a net gain to the UK economy of up to £9.3 billion per annum.

    The rest of the word is leaving Britain behind and taking advantage of the huge financial and health benefits of cannabis. It is a scandal that our government, our judges, our courts, our police and our newspapers keep misleading us.

    • Ellis

      Its a shame your not in parliament, people like you would know how to properly run this country…

    • Bryan Evert

      Cannabis for mental health with moderation and harm reduction will be a way for people with schizophrenia to help with the high thoughts which affect the problem with doing drugs or having a shamanic experience and not being able to get the mind back to recovery function of mind altered sobriety because the medication for schizophrenia , often Risperdal for basic sense of schizoaffected disorders , can be helped in terms of high thoughts (and racing thoughts) by CBD friendly cannabis . The medicinal value of Green Cross continued with medicinal “m word” and disability for over priced though very high quality cannabis equivalent because the TriCameral rank of Green Cross is not (yet) high enough to help with cannabis , not “m word” ., cannabis disability instead of condition disability , and cannabis industry associates . Thank you for supporting Manna P : Psychology not primary case of continued condition medication psychology , disallowing condition disability as the continued basis of Green Smoke ., pre rolled cannabis cigarette products with 24.5 or better TriCameral rank of Midwest accord with Tea Party given a thought about the Virginia state incumbent as of the time of this writing . July 31st will begin the concede of Eric Cantor and the incumbent Virginia seat of GOP Leader as probable will be the choice of Tri Cam eral to Midwest Tea Party in terms of good tidings with Manna P and Green Smoke ., not requiring the TriCameral Midwest continue with cannabis for psychology (alternate) as the basis of Green Smoke being pre rolled cannabis cigarette products . Thanks .

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