UKIP: No Longer a Libertarian Party?

Milton October 12, 2013 10

UKIP proudly proclaim themselves to be a ‘Libertarian’ party on the website as well as in their official constitution. However, it seems not all in the party agree. David Coburn, who is chairman of the London Region, member of UKIP’s National Executive Committee and lead candidate on the Scotland MEP list has struck out against this, confirming what many people have long thought. Coburn stamped on the idea that UKIP was a libertarian party, taking to twitter to claim that the party is indeed a ‘Socially Conservative party’ that just has ‘lots of Libertarians as members.’



As one of UKIP’s most senior officials Coburn’s voice carries a lot of weight in the party. Could UKIP’s decision to embrace Social Conservatism during the rise of Generation Y be a case of short term vote chasing or a clever election tactic?

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