UKIP Threaten Young Activist For Criticising Godfrey Bloom

Milton November 15, 2013 25

Godfrey Bloom no longer sits as a UKIP MEP after a high profile row earlier this year and coupled with the fact that UKIP prides itself on being a party of free speech you would be forgiven for thinking that UKIP activists might be allowed to be critical of Godfrey. Apparently not, as one young activist from Yorkshire found out to his own cost. Samuel Fletcher, a UKIP parish and district council candidate hit out at Mr Bloom about his comments on removing the vote from those out of work, arguing ‘How glad am I that this man is no longer an official UKIP MEP, or UKIP spokesperson or official representative of the party in any way. Does he not actually live in Britain in 2013? We are ALREADY a very undemocratic country (both politically and economically speaking) with power disproportionately not being in the hands of ordinary people. He would make that situation even worse!’

He was quickly shot down by Mike Hookem, UKIP Yorkshire regional chair, who told him, along with another young commenter to report to the next regional meeting where ‘Jane Collins [Yorkshire Regional Organiser and lead Yorkshire MEP candidate] and I will consider your future in the party.’


Mr Fletcher told the Backbencher ‘It is wrong to crack down on free speech. It is just my opinion. I don’t know why they might be wanting to “crack down” on free speech or people speaking out against Godfrey Bloom.’ Mr Fletcher also pointed out that Godfrey is no longer a UKIP MEP and now sits as an independent.

Nigel Farage himself slammed Bloom in a speech at UKIP party conference, and has been critical of his gaffe prone former MEP and friend, but there is no suggestions that the Yorkshire branch will be taking any action against him.

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