Where Now for Boris and Brexit After Scottish Proroguing Drama?

Ryan Thompson September 24, 2019 0

Do you ever have those days at work where you just think to yourself ‘why do
I even bother?’

Most people will at certain points of their life, and you can bet your
bottom dollar that Boris Johnson has – probably about five times of late, in

A catalogue of motions and votes in the Commons have left the Prime
Minister’s Brexit plans in tatters, and the only available option to him was to
prorogue Parliament so that he can spend time negotiating further with EU head
honchos and representatives in Northern Ireland – or to prevent MPs actually
discussing the nature of his deal or no deal in the House, depending on who you

Unfortunately for Boris, it seems he didn’t really do his homework when
asking the Queen to allow him to suspend Parliament, as Scotland’s highest
civil court has ruled that this particular act of proroguing is illegal.

‘Boris Johnson’ – Back Boris Campaign via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

That motion was put to the Court of Session by a group of MPs from across
the political divide, and who wanted to prevent the PM from shutting down the
government for the next five weeks.

The judging panel agreed, suggesting that Johnson was merely attempting to
prevent cross-examination on his Brexit deal by his fellow politicians.

The Supreme Court in London is now involved, with another group of
politicians appealing the decision of the Scottish system within the next few

It has been a dizzying, breathless week since Parliament returned after a
hiatus, and quite where we stand on Brexit now is anybody’s guess.

But one thing that is for certain: that planned October 31 divorce date is
getting closer and closer, and no budging from the UK or the EU suggests that
the stalemate could continue a while longer yet.

What Next for
Beleaguered Boris?

It has been
that opposition parties and Tory rebels have now called for
Parliament to be immediately reopened for further discussions to take
place; whether that occurs, who can say.

But it’s another damaging blow to Boris Johnson’s hopes of forcing through
Brexit – by hook or by crook – by that Halloween deadline.

The Prime Minister has appeared spooked of late, and why not? He has lost
the Midas touch that swept him into Number 10, and plans for a general election
– which became an odds-on likelihood with the bookmakers after appearing in a
number of Brexit betting
columns – were scuppered when rival MPs gave that a thumbs-down.

It led to another PR
own goal
when the Tories published a picture of Jeremy Corbyn dressed as a
chicken in reference to his unwillingness to go to the polls.

Maybe the Labour leader is making the right call because the latest
YouGov poll suggests that the Conservatives would still enjoy a 9% lead in an
election based upon current consensus.

However, the Brexit Party and the Lib Dems would also be likely to make
significant gains, and that would weaken Boris’ power on Downing Street barely
a month into his reign.

And that’s Brexit in a nutshell, really. Nobody seems to have a clue what’s
going on, and it’s like the plot of a ridiculous political thriller come to

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