• http://twitter.com/suranie Stephanie

    Clinton’s economic success was the beginning of the housing bubble and one of the reasons for the financial crash. He started a program for people, especially minorities, to get easy money for mortgages. Many of them weren’t fully employed and could borrowed up to 100% and more….. Those bad loans were “packaged” by the banks and sold all over the world. As people couldn’t repay their mortgages, the whole house of cards came crashing down…

    At the end of his 2nd term Clinton pardoned many rich people who were already convicted of tax evasion which many in the Democratic Party also condemned.
    He was a successful politician as he could “feel people’s pain” and was very charismatic. In my opinion the only good policy during his term was NAFTA.

    Obama is a socialist, no clue about economics, and Obamacare will be a disaster; even Hilary’s health care program was superior during Clinton’s term. He is totally conceited and added 8 trillion to US debt….

  • David McAfee

    “Under Clinton, Congress passed gun control reform, reform to healthcare, gay rights legislation,….”
    Wasn’t the Defense of Marriage Act passed under Clinton?