• Common Sense

    All-women shortlists are disgraceful and should be outlawed.

  • S

    Check. your. privilege.

  • Lizzie Roberts

    Wish thatcher would stop being used as the only example of women in politics, she’s hardly a human let alone a woman. There’s been so many other women in politics who deserve to be noted.
    Also all women short lists could be seen as a form of affirmative action like what was used to get more African Americans into higher education and professions in the 60s/70s after being discriminated against for years. I don’t see anything wrong with all women short lists in the short term to boost more female representation in parliament which is desperately needed. The last sentence of this article is spot on though

    • Robert Neve

      Of course it’s affirmative action but that is discrimination. Further to that it proved it didn’t work. Racial tensions increased because people disliked them getting privileges of their skin colour. Not to mention that nobody considered them to have earned it so what they had was worthless. the 16% of tory mps who are women can hold their heads up knowing they got their job of their own merits. The 31% in labour however will forever now be tainted with the question “were they really good or just women?”.