33 Traits Of A Political Tweeter

Tweet politics? How many of our list are you guilty of, and what have we missed?

1) Preparing to retweet a link, then realising it’s from the Daily Mail and thinking better of it.

2) That person from the other party you want to shag senseless.

3) Wading into a private debate, being ignored, and quietly slinking off.

4) Not doing #FF but still expecting at least two mentions yourself.

5) Saving drafts of witty posts to use at a better time.

6) Retweeting links you haven’t even read.

7) You’ve never not had an opinion on Owen Jones or IDS

8) People with the party name in their Twitter name immediately arouse suspicion in you.

9) Cravenly retweeting the dross your local MP or candidate puts out.

10) There was always a positive response on the doorstep. ALWAYS.

11) Feigning excitement over an upcoming ‘Action Day’.

12) Your best material is tweeted when you’re drunk.

13) Your parents think you actually go to conference for the politics.

14) You’ve retweeted your mentions by Louise Mensch.

15) Favouriting a tweet you can’t really be seen to retweet.

16) That member of your party you wish would just shut up.

17) Not quite knowing when arguing has become flirting.

18) Seeing your number of tweets and being a mixture of horrified, proud and embarrassed.

19) Incredulity when somebody retweets Tommy Robinson or Nick Griffin into your feed.

20) Viewing your follower numbers as a quasi stock exchange share value.

21) Getting the last word in means you think you’ve won the argument.

22) Tweeting opinion polls when they’re favourable, and dismissing them when they’re not.

23) Having multiple accounts, even if it is like splitting your soul into horcruxes.

25) Having libraries of screengrabs for use at some later date.

26) Watching Question Time simply to hear your pre existing views validated by somebody who sounds clever.

27) Ed Balls

28) At least once you’ve tried to start a serious hashtag.

29) Tweeting when there’s only insomniacs and Americans around to hear you.

30) Tweeting the odd picture of a family pet to show you’re not a complete political robot.

31) Threatening to defect just to see how hard people try to get you to stay.

32) Sitting alone, live tweeting about how much fun your having at a party.

33) It’s not hypocrisy when you do it, it’s nuanced…yeah, that’s it nuanced.


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