500 anarchists attend London ‘Million Mask March’

Around 400-500 anarchists marched through London as part of the annual ‘Million Mask March’ on 5 November. If you’re doing the maths (which they’d probably rather you didn’t) that’s only around 999,500 less protesters than advertised. They assembled in Trafalgar Square, marched to Parliament, marched back to Trafalgar Square and then marched back in the direction of Parliament at which point I managed to lose them. Losing 400 anarchists who are surrounded by police and launching fireworks isn’t one of my prouder moments.

The protest was generally peaceful, though quite a few fireworks were let off (including a very large one which exploded on the ground in Parliament square causing passers-by to scatter). One of those who launched a firework near Parliament was arrested by the police, the only arrest I saw during the evening.

Curiously two of the marchers were carrying the flags of Russia and Assad’s Syria. I wasn’t expecting to see the flags of two of the most authoritarian states in the world at an anarchist rally but there you go. As far as I noticed none of the other protestors objected.

Below are a selection of photos (and a video completion at the bottom) that I took at the event.

Police control anarchist protesters 

‘Million Mask March’ protester 

‘Million Mask March’ protesters with Russian and Syrian Government flags 

Anarchist protesters at the base of Nelson’s Column 

Police barricades outside Portcullis House in Westminster, which houses a large number of MP’s offices

Police riot shields outside Portcullis House, Westminster 


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