88% of Backbencher Readers want drugs to be decriminalised.


A recent poll on this site shows that 88% of our readers would like to see drugs decriminalised in the United Kingdom.

6% disagreed with this and voted that Britain should not decriminalise drugs, whilst 6% said they were not sure.


drugs poll


The Backbencher ran the ‘Follow Portugal’ campaign to try and convince The Home Secretary that this was a solid idea. If you want to catch up on the articles we wrote to do this, click here.

It may be worth Theresa May’s time to take on this opinion as she conducts her investigation into whether or not Britain should follow Portugal and decriminalise drugs. We await her decision with eagerness.


  1. 88% of Backbencher readers need to get themselves up to date and realise that drugs are being decriminalised slowly each year since the early seventies. The Political Classes drug of choice, cannabis, is de facto decriminalised and this was a decision not made by the courts but one the police decided for themselves.

    • In that case which high street shop is the best retailer of said product? And when can we expect the price of these goods to fall to a level where it’s of little interest to the black market to supply it?

      If a product is difficult to acquire or produce, dangerous to handle or not easily available legally, then its price tends to be vastly inflated over the costs of production and tends to lead to violent territorial competition. It’s reassuring to know that this is no longer the case, and I thank you for your sharing your wisdom and for correcting my outdated understanding on the matter.

      • High street retailers will sell it when it is legalised, which if you had read what I had written, I (as is the original blog post) was referring to the decriminalisation which is different.

      • A while ago they probably would have said the same thing about bootlegging in the USA – when alcohol was illegal. Now alcohol is still very dangerous – 12k died in the UK from it last year – and there is no black market; really.

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