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Schools Must Reopen And Unions Must Stop Interfering

Yesterday, it came to light that a Labour peer, Lord Hendy QC, had written a...

Lock them up! – The Government’s Lockdown approach to Mental Health

Since the Lockdown began, many people have found themselves at home feeling bewildered, fearful for...

Free Speech or the Hate Crime Bill: You Can’t Have Both!

I am conscious that to draw upon it may be to fall victim to argumentum...

Why I Still Believe In America

I’m accused regularly of being an American stooge, superfan, or patsy; or, to use the...

The Five Shades of Liberal

It is not particularly surprising that an ideology that first emerged roughly 200 years ago...

The Backbencher questions the Prime Minister on the Market Access Commitment

Last week we looked at a brief introduction to UK Internal Market white paper, so...

No Silence in Music Letter Misses the Point

An open letter signed by 700 UK music industry professionals has become yet another instance...

Six Rebuttals to the American gun-owning libertarian from a British gun owner

But it’s in the Constitution! When that document was written a...

The Backbencher questions the Prime Minister on the UK Internal Market

With MPs now on summer recess, all may seem quiet on the Westminster scene. There...

Covid Causes UK Cinema to Miss a Trick

According to the UK government, face masks are a legal necessity to ensure Britons feel...