A Letter to my MP on equal marriage

Dear Anne Milton,


I am a constituent of yours, I was also, until a month ago I was the Chairman of UKIP’s youth wing: Young Independence. The party removed me due to my support of Equal Marriage. While I am straight I felt I could not be silent on an issue of fundamental rights, the rights of two people and an institution to voluntarily interact and label their union how they please. I write to you today asking you to stand up for the rights of people who at the moment have them denied.

It is shameful that those in civil partnerships do not have the same legal rights as those that are married do. Equality before the law should be absolute, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. The equal marriage legislation does not trample on the rights of others: no religious institution will be required to perform a ceremony it does not wish to, but it grants the freedom and rights to all those that wish to, to perform voluntary same sex ceremonies.

No country in Europe that has legalised same sex marriage has seen its religious bodies forced to perform it, this bill does not affect others rights, it merely allows two people that love each other to show that love in a way they wish.

Marriage is fantastic, allowing it to evolve and be inclusive can only strengthen it

Yours sincerely

Olly Neville



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