A Look at Rolex in Popular Culture

    There are certain brands which simply reach a level of prestige that can never be altered. We all know the names like BMW, Nike, Coca-Cola, and of course today’s subject: Rolex. The Swiss watch manufacturer has become synonymous with luxury wristwatches, not to mention wealth in general, as their products practically ooze tradition, elegance, and timelessness. There is no doubt that Rolex is to watches what Apple is to smartphones.

    We wanted to cover a few points of how the Rolex brand is viewed today.

    They have no plans for a smartwatch

    With the arrival of smartwatches, the biggest question Rolex probably gets asked is, “when are you going to release a smartwatch?” The answer? Most likely never. Along with Omega, Rolex has yet to join the smartwatch craze, preferring to stick to their guns and keep doing what they do best: mechanical watches. Tag Heuer did join the fray, however, with the release of a smartwatch named the Connected, but so far the likelihood that Rolex will bring out something to rival the Apple Watch is incredibly thin. As you can see from some of their past models, Rolex prefer to craft watches that can stand the test of time, and the idea of a smartwatch that could be obsolete in a few years is not something that matches their ethos.

    They were big with Bond, now no more

    Even though Omega took over from Rolex as the official watch supplier for the James Bond films in 1995’s GoldenEye, Rolex was still a huge part of the film franchise for many years. In particular, the Submariner model featured in many 007 movies and as a result, shot to fame as a watch that the public simply found irresistible. The partnership with the Bond films took Rolex to the height of cool, and despite the cutting of official ties, Rolex’s name is still synonymous with the secret agent.

    Their brand ambassadors are… interesting

    Other Swiss manufacturers like Omega and Tag Heuer have a whole bunch of incredibly talented, cool, and very famous brand ambassadors to help sell their watches. Rolex, on the other hand, don’t have many, and those they do have, wouldn’t be regarded as the hippest of cats, let’s say. Tennis star Roger Federer, every Mum’s favourite singer, Michael Bublé, film director James Cameron, and controversial golf superstar Tiger Woods rank as the biggest names on Rolex’s roster. This could be that Rolex feels like their brand is so iconic, that they have no need to splash out on the latest superstars, but it remains interesting nonetheless.

    It should be noted, however, that many huge names were ambassadors – either officially, or unofficially – for the mighty Rolex in the past. These names included Paul Newman, Andy Warhol, Elvis, Martin Luther King Jr., and even the Dalai Lama. 24-year-old Mercedes Gleitze, wore a Rolex in 1927 when she completed her epic 10-hour swim across the English Channel, and later praised the watch for its waterproof abilities.

    They put the luxury in luxury watch brand

    To get an idea of the lengths Rolex will go to regarding their quality, Forbes contributor Ariel Adams wrote an interesting piece about the company when he was allowed access to their headquarters. Adams was genuinely impressed with what he saw and could only confirm that Rolex really is at the top of the pile when it comes to luxury watchmakers.

    “Rolex exists outside the rest of the world. Being independent is perhaps a good thing, for if they were more influenced by popular trends and markets they might perhaps stop doing what they are doing. Rolex as a company could have easily changed its direction many times. Given what they are good at, they would be rather successful making things other than watches. Though I am glad they don’t. As someone who has dedicated so much of their skills and resources to being involved in the watch industry, having Rolex around helps validate what I do, because they seem to take what they do as seriously as myself.”


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