Admin of top pro-Corbyn Facebook group shares neo-Nazi article on Jews

June Dipple is an admin for the 19,000 strong ‘Jeremy Corbyn – True Socialism’ Facebook group, one of the main pro-Corbyn pages on the social media site (and also a Momentum member). She also has some rather interesting views about Jews/Zionists, which she has supported by sharing a post from the Daily Stormer, an American neo-Nazi site.

On Facebook Dipple shared a Daily Stormer piece entitled “Jewish diversity BBC to replace male Jew political editor with female Jew”. The Daily Stormer, named after the former Nazi Party newspaper Der Sturmer, was founded in 2013 by Andrew Anglin, a notorious American fascist who once stated “We have found the truth. We have found the light. We have found Adolf Hitler”. The official editorial position of the Daily Stormer, according to Anglin, is that “Jews should be exterminated”.

Dipple has also used Facebook to praise Ken Livingstone for “standing up against the Rothchild Zionists”, claim that “the Rochchilds really do fucking run everything” and stated that “dealing with the Israeli Lobby in Westminster is an ongoing battle” (see below – click on the image to expand).

In addition Dipple has written a Facebook post saying “Yup many very beautiful Jewish women. This is not an antisemitic rant this is about a zionist attempt at creating a ‘pure race’ which sits alongside all other countries that have tried to do the same”, apparently referring to the conspiracy theory that the Israeli Government is engaged in an ongoing campaign to make Israel racially pure. Of Holocaust commemoration she asks “What’s the ‘Holocaust remembrance Alliance’ about anyway? How about a Palestinian fucking wall alliance…for fuck’s sake” (see below – again click to expand):

So a Labour and Momentum Party supporter, who has admin rights over one of the main pro-Jeremy Corybn Facebook groups, is promoting anti-Semitic material including from a website who’s editorial position is that Jews should be exterminated. This is the sort of stuff which used to cause scandals for the BNP, not Labour. How times have changed.

Thanks a lot to @GnasherJew, a Twitter account which specialises in exposing Labour antisemitism, for their help with this piece.


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