Admin of top pro-Corbyn Facebook page shares anti-Semitic troupes

It’s been revealed that an admin for a 19,000 strong pro-Corbyn Facebook page, ‘Jeremy Corbyn – True Socialism’, has used the social media platform to promote a number of what appear to be anti-Semitic troupes. Carolyn Marsden, a Labour supporter who has a photograph of herself with Corbyn on her Facebook page, has made a number of controversial statements about Zionist and/or Israeli influence which arguably cross the line into anti-Semitism. She claims that ‘Israel is the cause of all the dirt in the media about jc [Jeremy Corbyn] they will do anything to stop him getting into power’ and shared a post stating that ‘The Zionists have started the hate campaign against Jeremy Corbyn don’t let them kick him out’.

She has also stated that the ‘Israel lobby need to fuck off back to Israel’ as they have ‘no place in British politics’, claims that ‘the Zionist regime is very similar to Nazi Germany’ and after watching a video asks ‘wonder why the Zionist deny the Rothchilds connection?’ All these quotes can be seen in the montage below (click on it to expand):


And here’s a photo of Carolyn Marsden with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, who should perhaps be giving her some advice on ‘kinder gentler politics’:

Thanks a lot to Twitter account @GnasherJew, who specialises in exposing anti-Semitism within the Labour Party, for assisting us with this investigation.



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