Admins from top pro-Corbyn Facebook group share anti-Semitic memes

Earlier this week we reported on how Michelle Harris, who has been shortlisted to be Labour’s candidate for the Hastings and Rye Parliamentary Constituency, has previously used her Facebook page to share anti-Semitic content. We also noted that she is an admin on the 16,000 strong “Labour Party Forum” pro-Corbyn Facebook page, which has become something of a magnet for those wishing to share extreme anti-Zionist (and arguably anti-Semitic) posts.

We’ve since discovered that another admin of the Labour Party Forum Facebook page, Labour Party member Gary Smith, also has a track record of sharing anti-Semitic material.

Gary Smith – Labour Party member and “Labour Party Forum” admin

In particular Smith seems fixated with the idea that Zionists/Jews carried out the 9/11 terror attack. Last year he shared a post blaming the attack on “hypocrites calling themselves Christian with the help of their Zionist Jew friends”. Before that in 2016 Smith shared a link to an article claiming that “rabid, extremist Israeli Jews” were behind the attack operating under the direction of “the arch-Zionist cabal led by…American based Zionist billionaire David Rockefeller”.

Smith has also shared a number of other dubious posts related to Zionists/Jews (see below). They include posts by other Facebook users attacking “Successive 20th & 21st Century Zionist controlled UK Governments” and calling Rupert Murdoch a “Shite arsed Zionist lizard boy” and another piece claiming that the “US, UK and Israel” were behind 9/11 (click on the picture below to zoom in).

The Facebook Group “Labour Party Forum” was formed after some Corbynites found the similarly named “The Labour Party Forum” group, which currently has around 40,000 members, to be insufficiently pro-Corbyn. This older group appears to be much more moderate and has admins which remove any content with strays into anti-Semitism. Now of course the “Labour Party Forum” doesn’t speak for all Corbyn supporters, led alone Labour members. But it is shocking to find that two of the people who administrate a major pro-Corbyn group have a history of spreading the sort of anti-Semitic propaganda more traditionally associated with the far-right.

Thanks a lot to Twitter user #LabourAntisemitism (@GnasherJew) for his/her assistance with this piece.



  1. Being “anti-Zionist” is not the same as being “anti-Semitic”. I imagine most 12 year olds can make that distinction but, then again, they’re not being paid to produce Tory propaganda I expect.

    • So, for example, promoting the theory that “zionists” did 9/11 is just legitimate criticism of the Israeli state is it? Right….. In any case there are several explicit references to “Jews” amongst the posts.


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