An open letter to Lord Lexden


Dear Lord Lexden,

Thanks for doing your bit for the cause of British national politics in Northern Ireland in the Newsletter today. It’s always refreshing to see members of the same political party support each other and it’s so good of you to weigh in on the issue of the second class citizenship people here enjoy because of the sectarian, divisive, statist and completely unBritish nature of the Stormont parties.

I understand that you are an historian. Well, that figures. Your opinions clearly belong in the past.

You seem to imply that the only way to secure the long-term future of the Union is to cave to our apparently inbuilt sectarian nature and simply give up. You are wrong.

The way to secure the long term future of the Union is to convince people it’s in their economic and social interests.

Northern Ireland’s Conservatives are winning this battle – we are the only pro-Union party to have succeeded in winning, not only votes from all parts of the community, but party members as well.

Our Conservative Future branch is completely representative of Northern Ireland as it is, with roughly 50% of our active members coming from what would be considered a ‘nationalist’ background. This simple statistic is evidence of our potential to break the sectarian mould, deliver sensible centre-right politics that rebalances our insanely state-reliant economy and bring some common sense to political discussion here.

Your way of ‘securing the Union’ will only serve to alienate a younger generation who deserve better and crave real politics on real issues, not just the one issue, all the time.

You would be better off reconsidering your stance and perhaps issuing an apology to the hard-working members who doubled our vote on a year ago, even finishing third in one constituency. They deserve better than this very public stabbing in the front and Northern Ireland deserves better than the antiquated pariah-like notions of unionism that you espouse.


Yours sincerely,

Eimhear Macfarlane


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